We recently had a couple give us a call to ask how much it would be to get a tour of Raleigh in a limo. The couple had a 7 hour layover at the RDU airport and wanted to do something to kill the time. So we picked the couple up and did our best to show them all of the wonderful things that The Triangle has to offer.

We started off in downtown Raleigh where we went up and down Fayetteville street multiple times and navigated all through downtown as the couple took numerous pictures of all of the historic buildings, the capital, the marbles museum and much more! We then took the couple to The Raleigh Times, where they enjoyed an amazing lunch. Our next stop in the limousine was at the Museum Of Natural Sciences. The couple expressed how much they enjoyed seeing the museum and would love to bring their kids there for a visit!

Next, we ventured off in the limousine to Pullen Park where the couple continued their journey of fun in Raleigh. From the train ride to the paddle boats they experienced everything the park has to offer. Again, the couple had a blast! At this point, the couple had time to visit one last location, and the husband insisted on visiting Duke University. Once we arrived, the couple were in awe upon seeing the Duke Chapel and the whole campus. They walked around and enjoyed seeing and learning about all of the history of the campus.

After a long day of touring the city in a limo, we headed back to the airport. The couple was so thankful to be able to see all of Raleigh and was amazed by how beautiful the area was. They stated how strongly they would like to come back and visit again!


If you could drive around Raleigh in a limousine for a day, where would you go?